If you love gardening or decoration, if you consider yourself a daring, original and innovative person, if you like change, but you like tradition, look no further because Alfareros de Juana Trigo are the best allies in your cause.

Pottery has been present in our environment since the Neolithic period. Thanks to it, we were able, among other things, to store liquids, store grain or cook, actions that made our lives easier and allowed us to reach the present day. However, pottery is not just a tool, it is art.

By hand moulding the clay on the potter’s wheel, we are able to make the image we have in our mind come true and create something unique, we create art, we create life. This is the essence of our company and that is why practically all our products are 100% handmade, always keeping in mind the pottery that our ancestors created long ago. Our style aims to bring the past up to date, to innovate constantly without forgetting where we come from. That is our motto: Inspired by the past, adapted to the present.

Our ceramics are focused on giving life and colour to any corner of any house or garden, as well as bringing nature closer to our environment. Therefore, in Alfareros de Juana Trigo we have two lines in our products. On the one hand, we have the rustic finish, pure tradition, and on the other hand, we have our range of Juana Trigo Aged, the colourful fusion of the past with the present. We also have original decorative products in our catalogue, such as realistic pottery roses or eye-catching fish to place on the wall. Do not hesitate any longer, take a look at our products, thank you for trusting in Alfareros de Juana Trigo.