We are a family business specialising in decorative and gardening ceramics. In 2007, in the midst of the economic crisis, the founding of Juana trigo potters took place. The great experience of our workers in the market not only allowed us to survive, but also to push us forward. Thanks to their perseverance, effort and originality, Alfareros de Juana Trigo managed to make a name for itself and now we are taking a firm step forward by opening up to the digital market.

We want to bring nature closer to all possible homes, so that they are filled with life and harmony. Therefore, in Alfareros de Juana Trigo we strive to offer the basis to achieve it, the basis of gardening, the most original pottery pots that offer the ideal conditions for plants to develop in a healthy way. In Alfareros de Juana Trigo we are aware of the conservation of the environment, so in all our production processes we fight every day to limit pollution as much as possible.

Our dream is not only to fill the homes of garden lovers with life through plants, but also to offer new products that break with the monotony of the traditional finish, either by varying their shape or their finish. Alfareros de Juana Trigo is always innovating to rejuvenate and update the decorative ceramics sector, respecting the long tradition of our sector. We follow our motto: Inspired by the past, adapted to the present.

But it doesn’t end here. At Alfareros de Juana Trigo we are weaving a new project that goes beyond ceramics. We are committed to dissemination, because in order to keep moving forward we need to be up to date and know our roots, our past. Therefore, another of our objectives is to adapt our blog and social networks to the dissemination, to also offer you the latest news from the world of ceramics and gardening, practical uses of some products, interesting articles on the history of ceramics or ideas on decoration and compositions.


Juana Trigo was a humble woman, born in a town that breathes art, history and pottery tradition, Bailén. She was always a hard-working and attentive woman with her friends and neighbours, known and loved by the whole town. Her husband was a potter and Juana, although she did not work in the workshop because she had to look after her family, did everything she could to give expression to her passion for pottery.
At home she contributed ideas that ended up succeeding, she gave advice on investments even without knowing about numbers and, above all, she was contagious with her enthusiasm and desire to enjoy life, which led her to be as present in the pottery as any of its workers. She did it for nothing, she did it because her passion encouraged her and she ended up leaving her mark. That is why, in 2007, when her husband and son ventured to found this company, they decided to name it after her, so that her courage, passion and strength would be with us forever, so that she would be our guide and so that everyone who reads her name would know that, in order to contribute something to society, it is not only important to work hard, but to do it with passion.