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    The purpose of this form is to provide a catalogue with its respective wholesale price list, with a significant difference. All those companies or self-employed people interested in acquiring our products to sell them in their business can apply for it, although we will only serve those applicants who agree with our commercial interests. The minimum order will be one pallet and all orders generated with the prices in these catalogues must respect a temporary production margin that will be estimated according to the volume of the order and the existing stock.

    After sending the form and checking it, we will send these catalogues and price lists to the email address provided. With some exceptions, we will only send by email catalogues and price lists corresponding to the products of the sections Traditional Ceramics and Aged Juana Trigo, those included in the Decorative Ceramics section will not be sold wholesale. Currently, in the catalogues there will be more products than those shown in our online shop, although in the future the variety may be extended or reduced depending on the commercial interests of Alfareros de Juana Trigo.

    The data provided to us through the form will be processed solely for commercial purposes and managed internally. Under no circumstances will this data be provided to third parties.